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Automatic Water Soluble Film Packing Machine

Full automatic water-soluble PVA film packing machine can used to measure an pack pesticide, detergent, medical powder/granule/liquid etc. Water soluble film has good tensile strength. The product is elastic globular after the film stretching and packing.

This machine adopts full automatic control packing way. It can automatically make pod, fill, seal, cut and discharge. It don’t need people to touch the materials, easy operation.


Laundry soluble capsule packing machine


1. External high vacuum pump,no pollution.
2. Push-pull Siemens smart touch screen(include communication cables) and PLC.
3. Panasonic inverter speed-regulating system(include communication cables).
4. Panasonic servo rinse system.
5. Temperature sensors and controllers made by Siemens Germany.
6. Power off phase and reverse phase protection.
7. Electric leakage protection system, automatically cut off the power supply when it occur, to protect safety of operators.
8. Integral side plate support made of aluminum alloy with high strength and good straightness.
9. Pneumatic tensioning mechanism, pneumatic brake, prestress adjustable for both top film and bottom film.
10. Good quality stainless steel chain from TYC Taiwan.
11. Pneumatic components Japan SMC.
12. Equippedwith film trim winder.
13. Equipped with films deviation automatic correction system.
14. Equipped with film tension regulation system, the computer can automatically identify sizes of rollers, automatically adjust the tension of the films to keep the same stress of upper and lower films.
15. Equipped with automatic liquid filling system.

Technical Parameters

MODEL SP Capsule In-house Project
Capsule Shape Customized shape and volume
Packing Volume Range 4-25g
Canning Accuracy ±0.1ml
Hourly Production 40000-60000pcs/hour,Processing speed is related to liquid viscosity and pod shape
Frame Materials 316,304 stainless steel,Hardened 520 aluminum oxidation treatment
Power Supply 380V,50HZ,18KW
Compressed Air 0.6Mpa 150L-300L/min(the air needs to be dried)
Weight 2800KG
Dimension L5000*W1250*H3150MM
Warranty 1year
Notice The workshop needs constant temperature(around25℃) and humidity(40%-50%RH)

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