Cold Water Soluble Film


Cold water soluble film-complete dissolution from 1

Grade Merits Thickness


Pseries easy to run on machinery,

broad compatibility,excellent cold temperature flexibility;



pesticides, cement additives,

dyestuff,  toilet blocks


Tseries low co-efficient of friction;

easy to print

easy to run on machinery

30um,32um,35um transfer printing
Eseries low co-efficient of friction; stiff; easy to run on machinery 25u,30um,35um,40um embroidery, fish bait,

transfer printing, toilet blocks

Lseries very glossy appearance,

quick dissolving, broad compatibility

76um,80um,90um bleaches, detergents, dyestuff,


Converting Services

All converting is done in-house. Solublepack strictly controls all aspects of quality from film production to shipment of the final product, whether it be plain rolls or printed bags.


  • Roll width: 25 mm ~ 1.600 mm
  • Standard roll length 1000 m
  • Inner core: 76 mm (3 inch)
  • Rolls wrapped in HDPE and Kraft paper reinforced with woven fiber

Prefabricated bags (flat bags)

  • Bag Width: 50 mm ~ 600 mm
  • Bag Length: 50 mm ~ 1000 mm

Gravure printing (rolls or bags)

  • Water Dispersible Inks: Black, White, Red, Blue (EPA-approved formulation available)
  • Water Soluble Ink: Blue (EPA-approved formulation)

Tinted film

  • White, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and black tinted films are available, however,

larger quantities are required

Embossed film

  • Reduces co-efficient of friction, facilitating high speed automatic packaging.
  • Reduces ‘edge curl’ tendency.

However, embossing reduces heat seal strength and impact strength (particularly under cold temperatures).

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