PVA Water Soluble Film(Laundry Detergent Pods Packaging)

Type: L Series
Thickness:  76um, 80um, 90um
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SolublePack
Custom Order: Accept
Plastic Type: PVA
Material: Plastic
Certification: SGS
Size: Customer Customized
Color:  Transparent
MOQ:  500KG
Applications: Liquid Detergent Capsules/Pods
Features: Quick dissolving, broad compatibility.

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The PVA water soluble film are used for packaging of various cleaning products, such as liquid laundry detergents pod, dishwasher tablets,laundry powder,toilet block,etc…Liquid and powders can be packed successfully by pvoh films. By drop the entire package in water, they can be dissolved without actually handling them, and enable convenience and precise dosage.

Cold water soluble film-complete dissolution from 1

Grade Merits Thickness


Pseries easy to run on machinery,

broad compatibility,excellent cold temperature flexibility;



pesticides, cement additives,

dyestuff,  toilet blocks


Tseries low co-efficient of friction;

easy to print

easy to run on machinery



transfer printing
Eseries low co-efficient of friction; stiff; easy to run on machinery  


embroidery, fish bait,

transfer printing, toilet blocks

Lseries very glossy appearance,

quick dissolving, broad compatibility



bleaches, detergents, dyestuff,



PVA water soluble film


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