PVA Fish Baits Bag

Soluble Mode: Cold Water
Thickness:  35Miclon, 40Miclon(Customized)
Size: 6*12cm, 7*15cm, 7*20cm, 8*16cm, 10*15cm, 15*20cm(Customized)
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SolublePack
Custom Order: Accept
Plastic Type: PVA
Material: Plastic
Certification: SGS
Color:  Transparent
MOQ:  100000Pcs
Applications: Fishing
Features: Cold Water Soluble

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PVA or Polyvinyl alcohol is a degradable polymer material,ts chemical makeup is -CH2CHOH- and is also known as Polyvinyl and Ethanol Homopolymer.It is often used to make films or bags.

Being soluble, it therefore has the qualities of being able to dispense bait in water and with the added benefits of being bio-degradable and ecologically friendly, it also accurately presenting a ’concentrated’ pile of bait to any cast-able distance.

Product parameters
Item PVA fish bait bag
Thickness 35microns,40microns,customized
Size 6*12cm, 7*15cm, 7*20cm, 8*16cm, 10*15cm, 15*20cm, customized
Surface Embossed or Plain
Sealing mode Two side seal or bottom&middle seal

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