PVA Lamination Bags

Origin: CN
Brand: SolubPack
Polyvinyl alcohol
Thickness: 0.08 mm
Colour: transparent
Bag size
40” in lengths
Taper to 2” width
Opening width 4”-20”
Special size customized
For acrylic- and epoxy resin as well as silicone tasks

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PVA Bags are ideal for the first and last layer during the prosthetic sockets lamination process. Using the highest quality polyvinyl alcohol material, for improved durability and superior performance during the cure process.

PVA Lamination Bag 3

Using the state-of-the-art machines to produce reliable and narrow seams. The tapered design enhances ease of application and use of lamination materials. Steady pressure treatment during the vacuum extraction helps create consistent saturation throughout the resin matrix.

To insure the highest quality available, we take 100% inspection, Manufacturing quality is our priority and quick deliveries.

PVA Bags are available in standard and metric sizes used most commonly in prosthetic and orthopedic fabrication procedures.


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