914MM x 990MM x 25Micron Hospital Hot Water Soluble Laundry Bag

Soluble Temperature: 65 ℃
Size: 914MM x 990MM x 25Micron(Customized)
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SolublePack
Custom Order: Accept
Plastic Type: PVA
Material: Plastic
Certification: SGS
Color:  Transparent,red
MOQ:  100000pcs
Applications: Hospital Medical

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hospital laundry bag packing details
Specification Carton spec(mm) Packing details 20FT




65℃    660*840 mm*25 micron

(26″*33″*0.99 mil)

250*200*250 25pcs/pack,8pack/carton 2277Carton/455400Pcs 5300Carton/1060000Pcs
65℃   710*990 mm*25 micron

(28″*39″*0.99 mil)

280*210*250 25pcs/pack,8pack/carton 1944Carton/388800Pcs 4600Carton/920000Pcs
65℃   914*990 mm*25 micron

(36″*39″*0.99 mil)

280*260*250 25pcs/pack,8pack/carton 1580Carton/316000Pcs 3680Carton/736000Pcs

The bag is completely dissolved in the process of cleaning and disinfection, and will not produce polluting residual packaging.


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