PVA Bag For Chemical


Origin: CN
Brand: SolubPack
Bag Width: 50 mm ~ 500 mm
Bag Length: 50 mm ~ 1000 mm
Thickness: 32 microns – 55 microns
Seal type: Two side seal or bottom&middle seal
Surface: embossed or plain
Printing: Water Soluble Inks: Black, White, Red, Blue
Application: Chemical Industry

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Wholesale PVA Bag For Chemical Suppliers – SolublePack.com

The main component of water-soluble bag is polyvinyl alcohol,They are soluble in cold water, non-toxic, harmless and biodegradable. At present, water soluble bags are widely used in the packaging of pesticides, dyes, pigments, water treatment and other products. Europe, America, Japan and other countries have recognized the environmental protection of water-soluble bags, Large foreign companies in pesticide, chemical and other industries have widely used water-soluble film to package their products.
  • Water solubility and the soluble speed can be design freely. Non-toxic, non-polluted, dissolved in cool water.
  • Greatly reduce the infection coming from venomousness or stimulating materials such as pesticide and product of techno chemistry.
  • Strength and tension are better than traditional plastic.
  • Has an excellent characteristic against oil, fat, organic solvent.
  • It is Anti-static and it doesn’t adsorb farina and dust when packing powdery product.


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